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Вы находитесь в категории "Софт" на странице материала "cFosSpeed 6.50 Build 1810 Final Rus/2011/", любезно предоставленного для Вашего ознакомления с ним нашим пользователем ogony. На этой странице Вы можете ознакомиться с материалом "cFosSpeed 6.50 Build 1810 Final Rus/2011/", скачать его с любого из доступных файлобменников, оставить комментарий, а также поделиться ссылкой на данный материал с друзьями и знакомыми.


cFosSpeed 6.50 Build 1810 Final Rus/2011/

Автор: ogony , Дата: 29.04.11,23:05
Просмотров: 760

cFosSpeed - это быстрейший на сегодняшний день немецкий сетевой драйвер для оптимизации и разгона широкополосного Интернета посредством технологии Traffic Shaping. Оптимизирует DSL, кабельные и модемные линии, ISDN, мобильные и пиринговые (P2P) сети, работу онлайн-игр, VoIP и потоковое медиа. Работает практически с любым оборудованием и почти по всему миру. cFosSpeed позволит вам иметь быстрый интернет-серфинг и уменьшить время закачки и отклика. Особенно пользуется в почете у любителей онлайн-игр, пиринговый сетей и потребителей потокового аудио и видео.

Приоритезация трафика (Traffic Shaping) лучше всего проявляется для:
- Широкополосные соединения: DSL, Cable
- Коммутируемые соединения: modem, ISDN
- Мобильные
- Файлобмен (P2P)
- Игры
- Потоковое мультимедиа, VoIP
- Возможности
- Снижение задержек (ping)
- Приоритезация программ
- Приоритезация протоколов
- Ресурсы (Budgets) Онлайн
- Межсетевой экран (Firewall)

What's New in This Release:
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cFosSpeed now features packet loss avoidance. Some Internet connections have a very small packet buffer for incoming data. This buffer is quickly overrun when too much data is received, leading to packet loss. The packet loss is then detected by the sending TCP and the rate of transmission is lowered. Nevertheless, this leads to higher ping times and packet loss for all data received, even UDP data used for Gaming or VoIP. Tests show that the packet loss rate can be as high as 5%.
Now cFosSpeed detects this packet loss in TCP streams and keeps the streams from sending too much data. This avoids packet loss, leading to much lower loss rates, fewer SACKs and sometimes much better throughput.
The feature is on by default, but can be switched off by setting "spd gset avoid_loss 0 -save" or switching off "Packet loss avoidance" under Options, Settings, Preferences.
New parameters to set the desired ping delays in both directions: tx_delay, tx_width, rx_delay and rx_width. cFosSpeed tries to keep the ping between tx_delay and tx_delay + tx_width when sending and between rx_delay and rx_delay + rx_width when receiving. The values are in usec. Removed variable dest_width.
Added delay_auto setting, true by default. If set, it will automatically set rx_delay and rx_width to sensible values. If you want your own values in rx_delay and rx_width, you just assign some value to them or switch off delay_auto.
Rx-shaping is now more precise. It limits sending streams quicker to a proper speed.
Tx-shaping has now a better average ping time, since cFosSpeed doesn't try to increase the send speed so often, much less so in low latency mode. This lowers average ping time by about 8 msec in pure upload tests here.
Added Bulgarian language. That makes a total of 29 languages supported. Even more languages are downloadable from our web site, here:
Increased installation speed.
Even if "Automatic MSS (MTU) optimization" is off (default), a set mss_limit and the intrinsic limit of the medium (like 1492 for PPPoE) will be used to change the MSS. Therefore, it's good to set the medium properly. Plus, it helps rx-shaping.
Classes can now have -tos switch set to set TOS byte on all outgoing packets. Since TOS and DSCP both are stored in the same byte, they are incompatible to one another: you can not use both at the same time.
Added dumping of TOS values for "spd dump ...".
Added "spd vari" command to show variance sample data. It accepts parameters -clean to force cleaning of old values, -clear to clear all values and -set to force use of the calculated variance.
Added SACK statistics in "spd netstat" and "spd perf on" output.
Added "nsclear" command to clear the "netstat" counters.
Added filter expressions -l, -r, -l-mynet, -r-mynet, -l-bcast, -r-bcast, -l-iplist and -r-iplist. They work like the -s and -d, etc. pendants, just for local and remote addresses, i.e. invariant of the direction of traffic.
Added gset variable "max_hops" (default 8) to allow cFosSpeed to ping with higher TTLs. Allowed TTL values are 8 - 16. If you change it, you should use "spd pingboot" afterwards. Thanks to gj090879 for inspiration.
Added global variable "vari_trace". When switched off new variance data is no longer dumped to trace.txt; that is the default now.
Added information about cFosSpeed ports to "Options", "Settings", "Adapter Info" dialog.
Fixed a bug in RWIN calculation of rx-shaping. Fixed another bug in rx_limit code and other fixes in rx-shaping.
Fixed a serious bug that affected TCP volume counting of sent traffic. Thanks to Toxic for his trace.
Setting a new iplist name under preferences didn't read the IPlist into memory right away, but only on the next start. Fixed. Thanks to Laurentius Weckowski for bug report.
You can list all loaded IPlists with the command "spd showiplists".
Fixed a problem where variance would not be properly calculated after pinger was changed. Thanks to Gothico for the trace.
Fixed another bug that affected volume counting when net_talk was enabled, but no other user was using cFosSpeed.
Fixed bug in medium settings for media cable, frame_count, cable_mixed, 3g.
Fixed a problem where cFosSpeed could cause too much delay in tx direction. "spd set ..." settings made on the command line would be lost if changes were made in the HTA applets afterwards. Fixed. Thanks to Toxic for his tests.
Fixed a problem where maxtxraw might become too large. Thanks to Toxic for the trace.
Setting msslimit to 536 with medium PPPoE had no effect. Fixed.
Removed the additional up to 4 pings per second; it's again sending only 2 pings per second.
Fixed a freeze with WLAN cards. Thanks to Stefan Goerick for his dump.
Switching an adapter On/Off didn't bind/unbind it immediately. Fixed.
The TCP MSS will no longer be lowered if the medium "adaptive" is set. If you know the type of your connection, set it properly under Options, Settings, Traffic Shaping, , Options. If you have some DSL variant cFosSpeed might reduce the TCP MSS on your connections to gain up to 3% speed if "Automatic MSS (MTU) optimization" is switched on.
Fixed some erroneous UTF-8 BOMs in settings.ini.
Fixed a problem where data would sometimes not be written properly to data.ini. Thanks to AndyC for his case.

Год выхода: 2011
Платформа: Windows XP/Vista/Seven
Язык: Multilanguage, Русский
Лекарство: Присутствует (Trail Reset 2.0 By Box)
Рaзмер: 9 Мb

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